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About Clearview

As winners of The Irish Enterprise Awards for Best Career Coaching Business in 2021, Clearview are the most frequently used career coaches in Ireland. We specialise in executive career performance, career transitioning and interview coaching. We have helped thousands of professionals from around the globe, covering all sectors, succeed in a career they love.

Clearview having celebrated over 20 years in business has has successfully partnered with many businesses from brand name multinationals to semi-state organisations to support leaders, managers, teams, and individuals in managing growth, performance, transitions, redundancies, engagement, and wellbeing.


We help you decide on the impact you want to make and find a way to start making it. You have a lot more room for manoeuvre than you think.


Clearview Coaches

Why Clearview?

  • Winner of the Irish Enterprise Awards - Best Career & Performance Coaching Services 2021

  • Our market-leading reputation over the last 18 years

  • Our committed client-centered approach

  • Our tried and tested coaching programmes have been created and built by Jane Downes, Clearview founder and acclaimed author of The Career Book - Help For The Restless Realist

  • Our deep and wide market knowledge and strong focus on results and return on investment

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What our clients say:

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