Remote Career Coaching by Skype / Phone / Zoom

Covid-19 - Remote Coaching is nothing new for any of us here at Clearview Coaching Group and we have a lot of success working with our clients over Skype / Phone or Zoom. From the full suite of services available to introductory chats... eve-of-interview pep talks... right through to checking in with clients who have just started in new roles - working with clients remotely has always been a key aspect of the work that we do.

It is a fact recognised across the career coaching industry that quite a few people actually find Remote Coaching even more beneficial than face-to-face coaching. The reasons vary, but amongst those we hear most frequently are:


  • ‘I feel less self-conscious

  • ‘It’s funny, but I can be more ‘myself’ when I’m talking from the safety of my own space’

  • ‘I love not having to lose time and energy traveling to and from a face-to-face coaching session’

  • ‘I have a much greater feeling of ‘can do’ focus and control over the phone – all minor issues and distractions just fall away within seconds’

  • ‘Don’t ask me why, but I am one of those people who seem able to explore problems best in a verbal rather than personally interactive way


There is also the obvious but powerful fact that Remote Coaching is not reliant upon geography. While we have been expanding our face-to-face coaching services to more and more parts of Ireland, there will always be people out there for whom meeting a Clearview Career Coach for several one-on-one sessions will prove unfeasible. With Phone Coaching, we can now reach these people – not to mention all those other people outside of Ireland who are attracted to our ethos and reputation but have found themselves unable to avail of our coaches’ expertise.


If you would like to make a 100% commitment-free inquiry about our new Phone Coaching service, please call our headoffice on

01 631 6035 or Mobile +353 86 3952761. Alternatively, drop us an email at with ‘Remote Coaching’ in the subject box.