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Career Coaching

People come to Clearview for a variety of reasons, but the most common theme by far in a first coaching session is…disappointment.


Sometimes clients may not actually use the word ‘disappointment’. They may complain of boredom, frustration, thwarted ambition, fear or resentment. But underlying these feelings is usually that awful sense that one’s career is turning into a long, detestable anti-climax. Whether talking about job, lack of job, life outside job, or lack of life outside job, these individuals feel imprisoned, constrained, and stuck.


Stop waiting on some financial, professional or personal event that will somehow throw your world into technicolour. Act now and start living the life you want to live.


1x2 Hour Session  295€

4x1 Hour Coaching Programme  495€

4X1 Hour Sessions  495€

Career Troubleshoot 1x 90 min session  245€

1x2 Hour Session  295€

1x2 Hour Session from  245€

1x2 Hour 195€ -
4x1 Hours 395€

1x2 Hour 195€ -
4x1 Hours 410€


Performance Coaching

  • Role Clarification – Managing/Setting Expectations

  • Career Strategy & Management

  • Confidential Support

  • Work Life Balance Motivation

  • Delegating skills/Time management

  • Newly Promoted

  • Political skills within the workplace

  • Goal setting and self limiting beliefs

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