Career Transition Coaching

Clients come to Clearview Coaching Group for Career Transition Coaching for a number of reasons:


  • Our Reputation

  • Referral by someone they know who was delighted with the service

  • Our committed client centered approach

  • Our market knowledge and strong focus on result and return on investment

  • Having read Jane’s book it has inspired them to re-think their career


We use our lengthy experiences as career coaches, our career coaching qualifications and background in recruitment and hr consulting to create a career development plan (C.D.P) with our clients. We are constantly adding to our skills and our understanding of careers and the modern job market through our work with clients and through professional development. This ensures that we are able to offer the best possible advice and support to our clients.


This involves a four stage tried & tested process - 2 stages covered per 2 hour session


In the first stage – Get Inspired Phase - the aim is for the client to find out vital self knowledge like what makes him/her tick and what he/she has to offer the working world in terms of experience, and transferable skills and core work motivators. Within this programme Clearview Coaches utilise Jane’s renowned “9 Career Disappointers ™" to allow for further introspection and clarity. To assist with this phase a range of personality assessments are used as a guide along with specific career coaching exercises and powerful questioning to come up with career themes or areas. The idea is to get our clients inspired and create options going forward so he/she no longer feels stuck.


We then move into our second phase within the first session called the Get Informed Phase and involves getting informed about the market. It is here that Clearview Coaches use their strong market knowledge to assist in the phase of getting informed. So armed with knowing what you want and where to find it the client leaves the session with targeted action plans agreed in order to come back for the second half of the programme more informed and to feed our planning phase.


The Get Planning Phase entails creating very clear goals for “going public” and facing the market and it is what we sometimes refer to as the “packaging phase”. In this phase curriculum vitae re design may be needed in order to change the clients message to the market. Also a clear strategy for the job search and working on the practicalities like managing finances at a time like this and time management to ensure you can free up energy in order to put the effort in which is required to plan for this stage.


The final phase Get Moving Phase is when the client armed with the above information is ready to interview and Clearview’s team provide strong interview coaching at this point to maximize their clients chances of obtaining the role they want in these difficult market times. We also may help with Salary negotiation and big decision time when offers are on the table or perhaps no offers are on the table and there is a need to further re evaluates having explored the market.


2 x 2-hour One to One Session (face to face) usually over a 3-4 week period.

(For phone or Skype coaching options please check out our phone coaching link)

Investment: from €495 to €595 (10% Discount if unemployed)

Additional top up 1 or 2 hour sessions available at €145 per hour for Clearview Clients

For Executive rates please review our Executive Career Coaching Section

Access to your own client login area for extra career resources available when you sign up to this programme