Career Performance Coaching for Millenials

We know successful Millennials need career coaches.

At Clearview through our extensive coaching experience both in-house and privately coaching Millennials within the career space ,we know that central for developing Millennials into future leaders and making Millennials happy is the following;

  • Millennials like role models/Mentors

  • Millennials want to be authentic – self-awareness is important

  • Millennials can suffer from Career FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) at times – Managing Restless Realism is real. (The Subtitle of Jane’s book) 

  • Social connectedness/visibility

  • Millennials have high expectations for their career wellbeing.


So, with this information we have done something about it and have created and launched number of robust career coaching programmes just for YOU – The Millennial.

The Powerhouse Career Performance Programme for Millennials - Career Self-Management/Career Performance Management. Become a powerhouse in your career by setting ambitious goals and attaining these goals authentically and ensuring your career self-management mindset in is in the right place.

  • 2 Hour Programme –     €345

  • 2x2 Hour Programme – €595

Career Transition/What Next Coaching – avoid floundering and work with an experienced carer coach to build a plan for what you now want. Get clear about your skills, options and career needs and build timelines and progressive plans to get there.


Chances are, if you’re a driven millennial, you may know where you want to go, but the timeline and the steps to ensure that you get there might not be as clear as you think. A career coach can help you assess where you are now and how much work you must do to get to your ultimate ambition, and they can help you break down that long-term goal into, smaller achievable tasks, and let’s face it, you probably like the comfort of lists and steps. Or perhaps you are stuck and not sure of the way forward and want to work with us to build on your career options and ascertain your career fit. These sessions will be tailored to your unique needs.


  • 2 Hour Programme –     €345

  • 2x2 Hour Programme – €495


(This programme will also cover at session two your personal branding CV/Cloud CV and Interview Skills so you don’t faulter at the last hurdle)


 *For services for CV review and Interview skills coaching please refer to main service listing.