CV Coaching for Senior Managers

If you are a Senior Manager ready to progress your career and driven to succeed, we would advise that you consider the competitive nature of the application process for any role and how might your current CV fair out? Is it up to date with information and skills? Is it relevant? Is it a 21st century digitally up to date CV? From experience we know that unless a senior CV is highly presentable, tailored and concise allowing you to show that you can summarise, it is highly unlikely that you will be selected for interview.


So how is your current CV representing you? Perhaps you already have evidence of it not doing what it needs to do in the form on not being selected for interviews. This is the document that you have control of to get just right. However in our experience it quite often does not give an accurate reflection of just how good you are. Leave it to the experts to coach you through the CV process. Walk away with what you need a CV which gets you called for interview. After all there are two types of CV in the world – one that gets you called for interview and one that doesn’t.


Our process is rigorous, highly beneficial and will assist you not only to improve your CV but increase yourself awareness of your skills and how to summarise your career and gain perspective on why you for the role in which you are going for. Not alone will creating a good CV increase your interview selection but will also increase interest in you by recruiters and executive search firms.


1.5 Hour face-to-face Session Investment: from €395


Consider Adding Additional CV with different Emphasis - €145.00

(please refer to our Interview Coaching Service for Executives)