Executive Coaching -The 1st 90 Days

The 1st 90 Days – How to make an impact early on as an Executive and avoid the Imposter Syndrome


The Imposter Syndrome is more common than you would believe among executives. The role of the ‘enforcer’ in today’s economy is incredibly onerous. And the problem is made ten times worse by the silly cultural pressure never to show weakness or uncertainty. Yuck. That said a new leader's success or failure is determined within the first 90 days on the job.


Based on demand and need, Clearview Coaching Group is delighted to be offering a new coaching service for Executives called “The 1st 90 Days”.


Remember your task in your new role is not to play Superman; it is to be a transformative figure in the company. The way you do this is to show up as someone who constantly monitors his own and others ‘performance. Someone who is fearless when it comes to questioning practices and structures that are holding the company back. Sometimes putting internal systems change on the agenda can be the single most important early contribution of a dynamic senior manager who has inherited a large unit.


That’s the first part. The second part is to start visualising the kind of person who would meet your ideal of a brilliant senior manager. How would he make decisions? How would he enforce them? How would he manage time? How would he prioritise? What would his personal style be? How would he exert control without losing empathy or creating unnecessary tension?


Get to know this person. Intimately. And then start imitating him. Shamelessly. Act his part, down to the very last detail.


The results of working one to one with an experienced executive career coach in this domain will astonish you and most likely set you up to win.


1 x 2.5 Hour face to face Executive Career Coaching Session (The 1st 90 Days)

Investment: €345


* TOP UP sessions available as part of this service for those who want to take regular pit stops to assess performance as a leader or executive or to tease out issues which are arising