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Executives, Managers and Leaders in this new economy are facing regular change and with this change comes challenge. Building Career Resiliance is a must while adapting to continued globalization, tightening of budgets and stricter reporting deadlines along with multiculturalism challenges is a reality right now. Pressure appears to be the constant refrain I hear from our executives of today.

Acting the part of a Leader who is capable and in control while demonstrating empathy and decision making skills to build relationships which are productive and impactful needs a strategy. The major challenge for experienced executives is to present their individual style and competencies and demonstrate “personal effectiveness” at its best.



Perhaps you may have lost the passion you once had, or something or someone is holding you back. Maybe you are coasting along thinking “is this it”? Or simply you want change to happen and for your career to move on. Whatever the challenge we will work with your from the “inside out” to gain clarity and avoid your appointment with career disappointment. We are used to Leadership conversations. In fact, it works to our level of expertise.


 Jane understands business strategies, organisational structures and processes and, most of all, how and where people fit and contribute to the success of an organisation.


As experienced Coaches combined we have given over 20,000 hours of Career,Executive and Business coaching and have worked with thousands of professionals from around the globe. We are extremely proud of the client list of C-suite executives and senior managers we have worked with and who recommend us time and time again.


In 2016, Jane qualified as an Advanced Analytic-Network Leadership Coach (www.analyticnetwork.com) which is an advanced coaching system that supports new leadership for our networked society. This has given Jane even more best practice approaches to Coaching Leaders, Executives and Managers and is a theoretically robust programme. Ultimately, this qualification allows Jane help her client to develop their personal, authentic leadership approach and strategically influence the networks in which they work to create positive transformational change. Jane will either use this system as a backdrop to her coaching work or coach through the frames of this system depending on her clients needs. 


Our coaching is purposeful and it focuses on SUCCESS.

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Option A

Career Strategy & Career Transition Coaching

695 - €795


CV Coaching for

Senior Managers

Option D


Executive Redundancy Management

Option B

Option E


Leadership & Personal Effectiveness


Executive Interview

Coaching and Training

Option C

Option F

Confidential Support / Performance Coaching

from €345

395 - €995

The 1st 90 Days –

How to make an impact

Option G

Option H

Win @ Remote Management


Option I

Emotional Intelligence

and YOUR Success



Option A  -  Career Strategy & Career Transition Coaching


Attract new opportunities and enjoy permanent change included in this session will be two assessments – strengths and type indicator to increase your self awareness.


This session will be tailored from a pick and choose menu of options depending on YOUR needs whether managing career transition or making your current role work better for you and improving your personal effectiveness.


2x2 Hour sessions with a Clearview Executive Coach over a 3 week period.


Investment: €695 - €795


Option B  -  Executive Redundancy Management – What next?


Executive Redundancy Management – What next? CV Re-Design, Job Hunting and Networking.


3 Hour session with a Clearview Executive Coach including a 1 hour CV Re Design Consultation.


Investment: €695


Option C  -  Executive Interview Coaching and Training


The major challenge for experienced executives is to present their individual style and competencies, and present 20-25 years or more of experience within a limited 50 minute time slot. Learn the skills to manage this and the art of summarising effectively.


2.5 hour session with a Clearview Executive Career Coach.


Investment: €495


Option D  -  CV Coaching for Senior Managers


If you are a Senior Manager ready to progress your career and driven to succeed, we would advise that you consider the competitive nature of the application process for any role and how might your current CV fair out? Is it up to date with information and skills? Is it relevant? Is it a 21st century digitally up to date CV? From experience we know that unless a senior CV is highly presentable, tailored and concise allowing you to show that you can summarise, it is highly unlikely that you will be selected for interview.


So how is your current CV representing you? Perhaps you already have evidence of it not doing what it needs to do in the form on not being selected for interviews. This is the document that you have control of to get just right. However in our experience it quite often does not give an accurate reflection of just how good you are. Leave it to the experts to coach you through the CV process. Walk away with what you need a CV which gets you called for interview. After all there are two types of CV in the world – one that gets you called for interview and one that doesn’t.


Our process is rigorous, highly beneficial and will assist you not only to improve your CV but increase yourself awareness of your skills and how to summarise your career and gain perspective on why you for the role in which you are going for. Not alone will creating a good CV increase your interview selection but will also increase interest in you by recruiters and executive search firms.


1.5 hour session with a Clearview Executive Career Coach.


Investment: €395


Option E  -  Leadership & Personal Effectiveness within the workplace


Improve your performance and transform your way of operating professionally including examining your leadership behaviours and binning ones which no longer serve you well yet seem to re occur. Role Clarification and Managing and Setting Expectations. Developing your team and getting leadership “buy in”.


3 Hour Session with an Executive Coach including an Emotional Intelligence Assessment feedback.


Investment: €545


Option F  -  Confidential Support/Performance Coaching


Improving on your Political skills within the workplace and teasing out career/business issues within an objective setting while highlighting areas for development.


2 Hour Session with an Executive Coach.


Investment: €345


Option G  -  The 1st 90 Days – How to make an impact early on in your new role as an Executive

                      and avoid the Imposter Syndrome


Imposter Syndrome is more common than you would believe among executives. The role of the ‘enforcer’ in today’s economy is incredibly onerous. And the problem is made ten times worse by the silly cultural pressure never to show weakness or uncertainty. Yuck. That said a new leader's success or failure is determined within the first three months on the job.


Based on demand and need, Clearview Coaching Group is delighted to be offering a new coaching service for Executives called “The 1st three months ”.


Remember your task in your new role is not to play Superman; it is to be a transformative figure in the company. The way you do this is to show up as someone who constantly monitors his own and others ‘performance. Someone who is fearless when it comes to questioning practices and structures that are holding the company back. Sometimes putting internal systems change on the agenda can be the single most important early contribution of a dynamic senior manager who has inherited a large unit.


That’s the first part. The second part is to start visualising the kind of person who would meet your ideal of a brilliant senior manager. How would he make decisions? How would he enforce them? How would he manage time? How would he prioritise? What would his personal style be? How would he exert control without losing empathy or creating unnecessary tension?


Get to know this person. Intimately. And then start imitating him. Shamelessly. Act his part, down to the very last detail.The results of working one to one with an experienced executive career coach in this domain will astonish you and most likely set you up to win.


1x2 Hour face to face Executive Career Coaching Session


Investment: €395 to €995+ (Depending on agreed scope)

* Ongoing TOP-UP sessions available as part of this service for those who want to take regular pit stops to assess performance as a leader or executive or to tease out issues which are arising priced at €205 per hour.



Option H  -  Salary & Package Negotiation for Executives


Utilise our knowledge and wisdom on how to negotiate your salary and package without damaging relationships whether it be an internal salary raise or negotiating a new job offer. Hire an independent skilled negotiator on your behalf to coach you through this process.


1x2 hour Session


Investment: €295


Option I  -  Emotional Intelligence and YOUR Success


Utilise our knowledge in the EI field get on top of what makes you successful and use this vital assessment knowledge to build a personal development plan (P.D.P) to make you successful. We know EQi matters. Become Emotionally Intelligent in YOUR work and see the difference.


2 Hour Power Session


Investment: €495 to include full assessment, feedback and a Professional Development Plan in order to use this information to improve personal performance within the workplace.