Careering Through the Crisis -
The remote Managers toolkit for success?

Remote management or managing a disbursed team is now the norm given where our world is right now. Overseeing a disbursed team doesn’t have to be as challenging as you think. We have created a practical Remote Coaching Programme with “on the job” leadership techniques and tools to allow you operate effectively and lead through adversity and change.

We know Employees can be naturally resistant to change — particularly change that is forced on them during times of uncertainty or crisis.

We also know most possess reliance skills to adapt and respond. Leaders will have to meet this reality head-on. An all-hands approach to recognising the new reality is vital to empowering everyone to contribute to the success of a remote model. 

Particularly for companies with strong "in-office cultures," it is vital for leadership to recognise that the remote transition is a process, not a binary switch to be flipped. “Leaders are responsible for embracing iteration, being open about what is and is not working, and messaging this to all employees.


2 x 2 Hour Remote Coaching Programme for Remote Leaders and Managers to include full tools pack and tailored coaching to your immediate needs.



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