Personal Branding in a Digital World

LinkedIn has become a powerful recruitment tool, with over 200 million members, spanning 140+ industries, it is fast becoming a primary job hunting resource for recruiters known as “cloud recruitment”. If you already have a LinkedIn profile but are unsure if it is helping to market your skills properly, get some insider feedback or if you are novice lets get moving to get this right. Your cloud CV can land you opportunities and open doors for you and allow you access “the hidden jobs market”. Don’t get left behind!


Our Service Offerings:


  1. LinkedIN Profile Review in order to raise your online presence and be found ensuring that your profile highlights your key skills and relevant experience, so that you don’t get left behind.

  2. Start Up Tips and pointers with a plan locked into place to make your LinkedIn profile happen.

  3. Walk away with a comprehensive Clearview Coaching Group training pack on LinkedIn.


Your Investment: LinkedIn Review/LinkedIn Update: €110 1x1 hour face to face coaching session.