Clearview Coaching Group in the Press

Over the years The Clearview Team have made many appearances on Irish TV, Radio and in the Press. Here are just a few of them:

Sunday Business Post (27th December, 2015)

Stellar Magazine (29th June, 2015)

Image Magazine (April, 2014)

Irish Examiner (October 30th, 2015)

Sunday Times (March 29th, 2015)

Stellar Magazine (August, 2014)


Other Articles:

  • August 2020 - Reignite reporter Liam Gerathy explores just how best to mrasure success with Jane Downes. 

  • Dec 2019 - Listen to Jane talk to Bobby Kerr on Newstalk

  • Jan 2018 -

  • Jan 2018 -




  • July 2017 -

  • July 2017 - Listen back to Janes recent interview on Newstalk Radio regarding how to approach asking for a Pay review.

  • April 2017 - Listen back to Janes interview on Newstalk with Dr Ciara Kelly.

  • Janes article in the Sunday Business Post discussing ageism in the workplace - click link to read -

  • Janes article in the Sunday Business Post re Millennials -

  • Janes article - Sunday Business Post - A New Career for 2016 -

  • Career break article ran in the Irish Independent Weekend supplement last Saturday click here to read the article

  • Jane Downes featured in The Irish Independent "A Final Question" by John Costello about Employment prospects and why there is hope for us all - click here to read the article (PDF)

  • Jane offers advice in The Irish Times on the do's and don't's of resigning from your job - click here to read the article

  • The Irish Examiner feature, "Under Pressure", includes commentary from Jane Downes - click here to read the article

  • Jane is featured in a Sunday Times article advising that it's usually in your best interests to hold your fire when you've been fired.

  • Jane is featured in an Irish Times article on Upskilling - click here to read

  • Jane talks career change Today FM's 'The Last Word' with Anton Savage

  • Jane talks to RTE Radio 1 Drivetime about Which Course 2012 Expo - click here to listen

  • Jane discusses the jobs situation in Ireland with Matt Cooper on Today FM's The Last Word - click here to listen

  • Janes appears on RTE, The Daily Show on 2/12/2011 on how to manage yourself in social situations in discussion with Daithi O Shea and Claire Byrne - click here to watch the video

  • Check out Jane Downes in Womans Way', September 12 2011 - Lucy Gollogly interviews Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching Group about Women trying to make their career work for them & family life.

  • Jane offers advice and guidance in a feature series in the Irish Times with Roisin Ingle every day this week - Read the articles online: Getting back to where we were | The marriage break-up | Getting back to being a confident businesswoman | Out of jail, overweight and under stress

  • Jane was featured in the Daily Mail on Sunday August 21st in relation to a career clinic she was running at 'Which Course Expo 2011' - you can read the article here: Part 1 | Part 2

  • The Sunday Times 19th June 2011 by Gabrielle Monaghan invites Jane Downes for comments on "How to Lick Your Career Into Shape" - does licking up to your boss get us places? (page 12 Appointments Section)

  • Jane Downes invited to speak at The Adult Learners Festival Dublin.

  • Jane Downes invited to talk at the Prestigious Dublin Book Festival – “Getting YOUR career back on track”.

  • Jane Downes heads up the Seminars section of Irelands largest career and education expo “ Choices 2011” at the AVIVA Stadium with her powerful seminars on “ Interviewing” and her “Blueprint for a successful career transition”.

  • Jane Downes interviewed on RTE 9’Clock News from Choices Career Expo.

  • Jane Downes invited to speak on TV3’s Am Show to offer advice for those who are seeking a career change.

  • Jane Downes Invited for Interview on Dublins Phantom FM to discuss Managing YOUR Career.

  • Jane Downes takes up a regular spot on TV3’s The Morning Show with Martin & Cybil successfully running an informative slot around “ Get Ireland Working”.

  • Jane Downes invited to represent Gumtree Ireland to front their new Careers website marketing campaign.

  • Evening Herald 2/11/2010 Feature Article: 'Jane Downes on Upskilling in this Climate' by Linda Daly.

  • Jane invited to give her comments The Sunday Times 26.9.2010 "Find Yourself a Job on Facebook" by Frank Dillon ( Page 15).

  • Jane Invited to talk at one of Irelands largest Career Events - The Career Boot Camp August 2010 - National College of Ireland

  • Eddie Hobbs' "You & Your Money" Magazine run a feature on Jane Downes and her take on "Career Crisis" and managing yourself through your career. August 2010 Edition page 24.

  • Seize the day - Lifestyle, Frontpage - Stepping out of your comfort zone, misbehaving or making unexpected changes is healthy, writes John Hearne, and a bit of rule breaking is a sure way to make for some great memories - click here to read the article

  • The Sunday Times, April 5th 2009 - Gabrielle Monaghan writes a piece about how to manage yourself when returning back to work after redundancy and seeks Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching Groups advice on this.

  • Stellar Magazine, April 09 – Tanya Sweeney writes an article on Jane Downes top tips on how to Manage your career in times like this.

  • Irish Times, Friday 6th February 2009 – Roisin Ingle of the Irish Times writes an article on the “new unemployed” and quotes Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching Group on this topic.

  • Feature Article Irish Independent Business Section, 14th August 2008 by Eithne Dunne.Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching Group interviewed to give her views on how to make an impression on the first day of a new job.

  • Article: " It pays to play company games". The Sunday Times, July 27th 2008, by Gabrielle MonaghanJane Downes of Clearview Coaching Group invited to give her comments on Out of Hours events which colleagues need to attend and discusses whether it is worth it or not to put in the effort.Jane advises that if attending regular work functions does not appeal, make an effort to stay for an hour. Set boundaries. Dont go in from day one and attend every single thing. Put a value on your time but you will want to ensure you perform to your best during work hours so this is not noticed.

  • The Sunday Times ( February 3rd 2008) Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching Group invited to give her comments on why coaching is a business which will last through the downturn because of its many benefits - page 9, Business Section

  • Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching Group invited on the Morning Crew Radio show of 98 FM as an "ask the expert" on finding the right career for you and very successfully coached people live on air - date February 25th 08

  • The Sunday Times Appointments Section page 4 April 1 2007 Invite Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching Group to give her comments on Tips TO RE -MOTIVATE YOURSELF IN WORK if feeling bored or stuck in a rut and how to reboot your career by rethinking your ways.

  • Sunday Business Post Coaching Clients to a Clear View September 25th 2005The SB Post Business Section write an excellent feature on Jane Downes founder of Clearview Coaching Group.Michelle Devane.

  • Irish Time March 17th 2006T he Irish Times, Business Section write a fantastic feature on Jane Downes and Emotional Intelligence Coaching and how successful it is in Irish Companies. Gabrielle Monaghan.

  • rish Indo careers December 06 Irish Indo December 06 Jane Downes requested by the Business Section to discuss Festive rewind and to offer relaxation tips for Christmas for the busy Executive. Paula McGovern.

  • Irish Indo Careers Sept 06 Thursday 27th September Irish Independent Jobs & Careers Section – Feature Article - Jane Downes of Emotional Intelligence Ireland is invited to discuss Career Coaching and the benefits it provides.

  • September 29th and 30th 2006 - Maureen Hewitt and Jane Downes invited to give a Live seminar on Career Coaching to thousands at the RDS FRESH START EXPO which is a huge success.

  • September 26th 2006 9am - 10am LIVE ON RYAN TUBRIDY show - Emotional Intelligence Ireland (Maureen Hewitt) invited on to discuss Emotional Intelligence and its significance.

  • April 24th 2006, Live on TODAY FM, the Ray Darcy show. Maureen Hewitt of Emotional Intelligence Ireland gives Ray and his team their Emotional Intelligence feedback live on air.

  • Irish Jobs: Articles / Recruit Ireland Articles

  • Recruit Ireland Interview of the Month February 2007 – Work/Life Balance by Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching Group.

  • Recruit Ireland Interview of the Month April 2006- What is Emotional Intelligence by Jane Downes Emotional Intelligence Ireland.