Testimonials for Jane Downes, 

& Susan Keating

Testimonials for "The Career Book"

"I was looking for a change after 7 years in a professional services firm. I appreciated that Jane did not go through her standard programme with me but adjusted and tailored her approach to meet my needs. I needed an independent sounding board, somebody other than my friends and family, and she was not afraid to challenge me. She helped me structure my thoughts and develop a career plan which helped me through a successful transition."


Business Consultant & Professional Accountant


"This book is unusual because it is both original and practical...I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing and doubts or difficulties in their career path"


From the foreward by internationally acclaimed author Edward De Bono


"I got in touch with Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching Group when I was facing redundancy and unsure what direction to take next. She recommended her career transition programme and it was exactly what I needed. Jane came to our first meeting totally prepared and full of ideas for what might suit me. I could tell she had carefully considered all of the information I'd sent her prior to our meeting. Jane took a lovely open minded approach and worked with me throughout the session to help refine my profile. I found her professional, warm and understanding.


Having gotten called to an interview almost immediately after our initial meeting, Jane accommodated me by meeting me on a weekend to help me prepare. Her interview preparation was second to none, she made me feel confident and more positive about the whole experience. Jane kept in touch with me even after the programme was completed and continued to offer me advice and support when I needed it. As a career coach, Jane goes above and beyond - she is super at what she does and I give her my highest recommendation."


Susan, E-Learning Manager


"Jane Downes' book brings a rare freshness, wit and depth of understanding to the fairly tired genre of career self-help literature. I defy you to read the book without feeling an urge to transform your career."


Claire Byrne - Radio Presenter, Newstalk FM Ireland


"Just when you that all career books were looking alike, Jane Downes comes up with a revelation. The Career Book is a truly unique take on how changes in approach and attitude will make all the difference in your successful job search."


Brian Marrinan, Manager MBA Careers, UCD Smurfit Business School


"Hi, just to let you know that I was offered the place on the MSc. Thank you so much for your help, I'm delighted! I genuinely only believed in myself after I spoke to you-honestly! Will no doubt be requesting your services at some stage in the future! :-)"




"Clearview are excellent Career Coaches with an outstanding ability to understand the needs of individual students and provide them with tailored solutions. They are very creative in conceiving innovative and successful ways of finding Work Placements, which is often a difficult job. 


Alan, Trainer


"Jane is a visionary leader with very strong creative skills and the consummate eye for detail. No surprise on top of that she's also a fantastic author. Pick up her latest book if you get a chance and keep an eye out for one of her informative columns across the national press! Keep up the great work!"


Declan Fitzgerald, Head of International Recruitment, LinkedIn


"An original, edgy and challenging contribution to the world of career thinking."


John Lees, author of How to Get a Job You’ll Love (McGraw-Hill)

"Clearview provided a valuable sounding board for me as I was planning my next career move. I found them very knowledgeable in the areas of interview techniques and also giving me some additional areas to think about as I was transitioning into my next position. I would have no hesitation recommending Clearview if you are wondering about what direction to take your career in next or if you just want some additional support in getting ready for that next job interview."


D.D Sales Director


"I have been working for over 20 years with a large company based in the USA and was a bit apprehensive when returning to Ireland to pursue a new career. I decided to meet with Clearview to see if they would be able to assist me in finding a new opportunity.


Not only did she provide me with insights about the Irish market but also with additional knowledge about my own skills and application thereof.


I truly enjoyed working with them and I would highly recommend them as a career coaches. Their insight made the difference in picking my current employment as well as my new outlook in life."


TS Operations Manager


"Having done a couple of seminars with Clearview, I found them to be a highly motivated individual combining her ability as both a Trainer and a role model for aspiring and motivating the class. They managed the class and one-on-one coaching sessions in such a way that all our individuals’ needs were met and she ensured that everyone was keeping up with the overall pace. Their method of communicating to a class is clear, concise and always full of interesting and funny stories which kept the class interest alive."


Tommy, Web Designer


"Knowing, working and networking with Clearview s a very pleasurable experience. A driven and very knowledgeable individual with an infectious enthusiasm for helping people with the next step in their careers.  


James, Graduate

"I worked with Jane on three elements of my recent successful job application - CV preparation, interview and presentation coaching. Her advice and guidance helped me to keep a clear focus on relevant skills and work experience and to present myself with confidence. Jane's help has been extremely important in helping me to advance to the next stage of my career. I look forward to taking on my new job opportunity."


Manager FMCG

"I decided to move to another sector and for a long time I tried to look for a job in that area but I was getting nowhere. After much frustration, I finally decided to contact Clearview Coaching Group for a coaching session. Jane helped me understand my options, gave me the necessary skills to succeed in an interview and helped me with my CV. After only one intensive session with Jane, I got all the necessary tools, coaching and motivation I needed to start looking for my ideal job.


A couple of weeks after my coaching session with Jane I got a job interview for my dream role , and on the same day, I was offered the job.


I can positively say that going to Clearview Coaching Group was the smartest thing to do.


I highly recommend Jane Downes from Clearview Coaching Group. Thank you so much Jane, I couldn’t have done this without your help!"


Becky - Dublin

"In self-help terms this is the “anti-Secret ”. Straight talking, practical and painfully funny; everyone searching for their perfect job should read it."


Róisín Ingle, author and journalist


"This book will make you think, but that’s not all – it will give you the confidence to DO."


Senator Feargal Quinn


"Jane Downes holds up an important mirror to those considering a career change. This book is a useful read for anyone looking for some inner reflection before applying for that new job."


Simon Carswell, Finance Correspondent, Irish Times

"This is a really valuable book. In its focus on personality traits, its realism and its practical approach it is an invaluable contribution to all who are seeking work or fulfilment and those who are working with them. It is the next best thing to having your own career coach."


Fred Tuite, editor of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors’ magazine, Guideline

"'Meeting Jane in 2019 for career coaching was the best investment I have made to date. I had moved from a team with a difficult environment for me to work in, into a new scaling business. Unfortunately, the new company was not where I was told it was and I quickly realized I needed to get out. I had read about Jane online and booked 4 sessions with her. Going into to see her, my confidence was very low and my mindset was one of despair at trying to get a new role. From the moment you met Jane her enthusiasm and energy in infections. She immediately began to build my confidence back up and show me how valuable I would be for any business. From there we identified roles and areas I would like to work and then started to create my new CV and Linkedin profile. After 2 sessions with Jane, I had gotten the job I wanted with an excellent Tech company in Dublin. I can't recommend Jane enough if you are looking to move your career onwards and upwards.”


Sean, Business Start UP Leader

"Jane greatly assisted my preparation for the interview by helping me focus on the right areas and my skills, particularly how to present these in full. The techniques I learned from her really helped on the day and her advice on keeping calm was very useful. My result - top of the panel! Thanks Jane! "

Client Name with Clearview Coach Group

"I would highly recommend Clearview as a career coaches. After completing four sessions with her, I got an interview within a week and was offered the job.


Clearviews coaching combines practical tips with mentoring techniques. She helped me identify what type of work would suit my personality. This helped build my confidence to the point that I walked into my interview feeling sure I was the right candidate.


I enjoyed working with them - they always put me at ease. Coaching has made a difference to my career prospects and, incidentally, my attitude to life outside work."


Rachel, Journalist

"Ethos to work comes with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. Clearviews listening skills and ability to identify areas to improve my own performance where fundamental in me changing my attitude and approach to my own professional career. Clearview has the rare talent to make people feel better within themselves and more become motivated, with a "can do" outlook on life."


Seamus, Business Consultant

"I could not have achieved this return to full time employment without the encouragement and support Jane gave me to believe in myself and my abilities and I want to convey my thanks to you for the help gave me at a very difficult time in my life."


Simon, IT Professional, Dublin

"A strong motivation to go out and take the next step in life and not to sit back and wait forthings to fall into place for me.


Get to where I'm meant to be and make things happen.


A definite direction as to where I should research potential careers or courses in college. Gained a far greater knowledge of all the potential different pathways I could follow with my degree and the branches i could take off it which I would previously never have considered or which I never even knew were out there.


A sense of hope in that there are plenty of options out there and just because I am not using my degree at the minute or working/studying in my preferred area doesn't mean I won't be very soon.


Springboardcourses.ie - how were we never told about this in college?"


Biomedical Graduate

"I came to Jane for help with my CV post redundancy having been recommended by a friend. I really got so much from our session and am truly grateful to Jane. Thanks"


Solicitor, Dublin

"Clearview are approachable and experienced coaches when it comes to dealing with people and helping them get results. They have an apt and intuitive approach to articulating and illustrating things in which people find difficult to say. They are driven and proves herself as an expert in her field alone through her self-starter initiative. I suppose this is a result of their keenness to help people - regardless of status or background. They provided a key service to me at a crucial time in choosing career options, for exceptional value for money she also provided me with a prime skill in being able to effectively produce my own distinguished marketing tool when approaching employers - a CV that is different, and stands out. Any type of recruiter will tell you that a CV specifically tailored to the job post they are trying to fill is a prerequisite, and fundamental in securing the interview. That is why you should call Clearviewl! "


Adam Devlin

"Going to meet Jane for the first time, I was downbeat and had given up, I had thought I had exhausted all the channels of securing a job but she gave me the confidence and determination of how to pursue the challenging industry I wanted to get into. Step by step she examined the ways to succeed and helped me draft a hard hitting cover letter and CV which enabled me to secure two job interviews in the space of a week, whereas before I had not been to interview for a year. I am very impressed with Jane and her wisdom of the jobs market and would recommend her to anyone who is in despair and on their last legs for that immediate boost and confidence."


Susan, Dublin

"The meetings I had at Clearview was a great experience. I was unhappy in a course I worked very hard in and decided to find answers. I was very stressed when I contacted Carmel and I needed to know what realistic options were available. Carmel made me feel at ease and helped me realize that it's OK to feel anxious about my situation. We identified what motivated me and worked from there. It gave me a better understanding of who I am and a much needed confidence boost. I really enjoyed the sessions and knew I was learning new things every time I left. There are now several options that I can take that direct me to areas I have confidence in and enjoy. I recommend Carmel to anyone feeling lost, stressed or depressed. It's good to have confidence in your ability. Thanks Carmel!"



"Hi Jane . I did an interview coaching session with you about 2 months ago. Just letting you know that I got the job, started last Tuesday. I would like to thank you for your help. I was like Kevin Keegan after a pep talk with Bill Shankly! (not sure you will get that but someone will explain) and thanks again!"


Maintenance Manager, Dublin

"Faced with Redundancy and a young family at home I was filled with limiting beliefs about my future and my self esteem had taken a real dent. Working with Jane proved invaluable in getting clear about what i needed to do to accept and move forward and map out my ideal next career step in this difficult market. By doing precisely this I landed my number 1 Job i wanted - jane also helped me with my cv re design and interview piece which obviously really helped. Thank you so much and i have recommended your services to lots of people in my position."


Simon - Sales Manager, Dublin

"I was looking for work for over 18 months, as soon as I met with Clearview within a 3 week period I had found a full time job. My recommendation to anyone reading this is invest your money in Clearview, not only will you get a professional resume you will also be guided towards your dream job even in this climate. It was by far the best money I ever spent, as fortunately I was offered my dream role (Sales & Marketing Manager) within 3 weeks of meeting. I even got called for 6 interviews and I assure you this would not have happened with the format of my old resume. I wish her company well and I have highly recommended her to my family and friends."


Bridin Greene - Wexford

"Thank you so much Jane for your Interview Coaching Advice & Guidance. The session proved invaluable to me and i got the job as a trainee solicitor in this competitive market. Thanks!!"


Susan - Trainee Solicitor, Dublin

I am so glad that I went to see Susan, her flexibility really makes a big difference to my life! I found Susan to be very professional and I learned a lot from this session! And most importantly I don't regret coming to her for training! She is a God sent for me!


Thank you so much for everything! 

Hesna  - Interview Coaching, Dublin

The support and encouragement i received from Susan has resulted in me now currently working in a position that fulfils my needs, is relevant to achieving my long term goals, is beneficial for gaining experience, and is suited to my work-life balance.


The aspect that I benefited from and enjoyed the most was getting the chance to reassess and understand better, through self-reflection and feedback, how to approach achieve my own long-term goals in relation to my current needs.

Alice  - Career Coaching, Dublin

I gained a deeper understanding of my colleague’s and most importantly my bosses ways of working and indeed best ways of managing / working with them, which has really helped in my own performance.


Heidi  - Performance Coaching, Dublin

"I decided to book coaching sessions with Jane at Clearview because I was unsure what direction to go, with my career. I was demotivated with my last job and had opted to take redundancy from the job and start afresh. It was tough with the current climate. I explored many options with Jane and worked through what I wanted from my next job. Jane presented a role that I had never really considered within my industry. I had a good knowledge of the role and decided to start applying for jobs in this area.


Jane coached me with my interviewing skills and updating my CV. I persevered and eventually got an interview, then a second interview and then a job offer. Clearview Coaching helped me refocus on my career, and decide what I wanted from my next job, then match that up with possible roles. I probably would never have considered this role myself. My new job ticks all the boxes, is with an excellent company and presents many opportunities for future progression.


If you are in a similar situation then maybe Clearview Coaching is what you need. You are investing in yourself, which is probably the only worthwhile investment in today's climate. It only takes one yes to get that dream job. I would highly recommend Jane from Clearview Coaching."


Client Name with Clearview Coach Group