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Executive Coaching

Executives, Managers and Leaders in this new economy are facing regular change and with this change comes challenge. “Pressure” appears to be the constant word we hear from our executives of today.


Building Career Resilience is a must, as is adapting to continued globalization, tightening of budgets and stricter reporting deadlines along with multiculturalism challenges. 

Acting the part of a Leader who is capable and in control, while demonstrating empathy and decision-making skills to build relationships which are productive and impactful - all this requires a strategy. The major challenge for experienced executives is to showcase their individual style and competencies and demonstrate “personal effectiveness” at its best.

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1st 90 Days

Did you know that a new leader or new managers success or failure is determined within the first 90 days on the job? Build a strategy and an effectiveness toolkit for early days impact and monitor your performance. 

Remember your task in your new role is not to play Superhuman, it is to be a transformative figure in the company.  Learn to monitor your own performance for early days' impact.

  • Transformation strategy

  • Employee engagement

  • To improve Performance levels

  • Team management

  • Structure analysis

  • Decision making

  • Time management

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