Interview / Video Interview Coaching Power Session

Given the climate we are in we firmly believe that now more than ever it is essential to ensure you play to your strengths in an interview and are fully coached to perform to your best as the market is tight which means the competition is tougher than ever.


Interview Coaching is tailor made to the client’s agenda ensuring it focuses on the core challenges for the client.


Interview Coaching – Key Areas explored with Coaching Clients:


  • Why ME for this role – Creation of a clear list to allow for a clarity around your unique sales pitch.

  • How the handle the awkward questions – unique to each client – For example; reasons for leaving roles etc

  • Examining any self limiting or Negative Beliefs which may hold the job hunter back and address these as fast as possible.

  • Clarity around what benefits the job hunter will gain in getting this particular job to boost focus and motivation to ensure maximum performance.

  • Traditional Interview Techniques Tips including Jane’s well known “The 6 Interview Must Knows”.

  • Competency Based Interviews – How to handle this popular interview technique.

  • Techniques to ground you before the interview and create energy and rid nerves.


1 x 2 Hours Investment: from €295 to €345 (For Executive Interview Coaching rates please go to our Executive Career Coaching Section). Full Interview notes pack provided.

New for 2020 - "Go-To" Video Interview Coaching Programme ©

Clearview Coaching Group are recognised “Go-To” leaders in Interview coaching preparation. We know this is one of the most important presentations that you will need to make and we also know that many fail to prepare in order to stand out and have interview success. We at Clearview have experienced interviews from all angles from being professional panel interviewers, interview coaches and being interviewed ourselves and in the past as hiring managers and recruitment managers and we are passionate about improving interview performance in this competitive and ever changing Interview landscape and that is why we have launched out already successful Video Interviewing Service which works for all levels from first interview to competency based interview to executive and management interviews across all sectors including public sector and private sector.


So how does it work?


Our Go-To Video Interview Coaching Programme ©is a one-to-one session lasts two hours in our quiet beautifully furnished offices in Dublin 2. In advance of the session, we would require a copy of your current CV/Application form along with a copy of the job description or a sample job description for the role or type of role you are applying for.


During the session you will meet with one of our Senior Consultants who will put you through an Interview tailored towards your specific job description. This interview will be recorded and a section of it will be played back with you, this forms the basis of your assessment.  


This session will show you how to: 

  • Interview more effectively

  • Create a structured approach to communicating and summarising your competencies

  • Prepare winning answers 

  • Deal with probing questions 

  • Rehearse your interview 

  • Deal with nerves and anxiety and build a success strategy to deliver a calm and competent interview

The cost of the session ranges from €295 - €545 depending on the seniority of the post.