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Interview Coaching


Based in Dublin, Clearview are the recognised ‘Go-To’ leaders in Interview coaching preparation. This is one of the most important presentations you will need to make: we will help you prepare in order to stand out and have interview success.


We have experienced interviews from all angles as professional panel interviewers, interview coaches, and being interviewed ourselves and in the past as hiring and recruitment managers. We are passionate about improving interview performance in this competitive and ever-changing hiring landscape. 

Our Interview coaching power sessions are tailor-made to your agenda. We get you focused like a laser beam on the core, sector-specific challenges. We understand the interview methods certain sectors take and this insight gives us the edge in conveying standout techniques to you.

1x2 Hours  from  345€

1x2 Hours  295€

1x2 Hours  from  245€

1x2 Hours from  295€

1x90 Minute Session - 210€

Interview Skills

  • Why ME for this role – Creation of a clear list to allow for clarity around your unique sales pitch.

  • How to handle the awkward questions 

  • Examining any self-limiting or Negative beliefs which may hold the job hunter back and address these as fast as possible.

  • Clarity around what benefits the job hunter will gain in getting this particular job to boost focus and motivation to ensure maximum performance.

  • Traditional Interview Techniques Tips including Jane’s well-known “The 6 Interview Must Knows”.

  • Competency-Based Interviews – How to handle this popular interview technique.

  • Techniques to ground you before the interview and create energy and rid nerves.

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