Why Career Coaching?

People come to a Clearview Career Coach for a variety of reasons. But the most common theme by far in a first

Coaching session is…Disappointment - It’s the verse, chorus, instrumental break and repeat chorus we hear over and over again in our work.


Sometimes clients may not actually use the word ‘disappointment’. They may complain of boredom, frustration, thwarted ambition, fearfulness or resentment. But underlying these feelings is usually that awful sense that one’s career is turning into one long, detestable anti–climax. Whether talking about job, lack of job, life outside job or lack of life outside job, these individuals feel imprisoned, constrained, stuck. They are waiting on some financial, professional or personal event that will somehow throw their world into technicolour. But alas, it never seems to arrive.


What is Career Coaching?

Which is where we come in. We are there to help you to help yourself by analysing and correcting whatever it is that is holding you back from achieving a more fulfilling career. You will develop awareness of unique personal skills that translate into more success. Clear strategic goals will be set. These goals are ones that naturally pull you towards your goal rather than requiring you to push yourself towards it.


What does Clearview do really well?

Key areas in which we excel include:


  • Dissatisfaction with current career and considering either a total career change or a sideways move.

  • Relocating home to Ireland and needing to take stock of where one is now and what one wants.

  • Career Intelligence -Working with somebody in order to increase momentum, accept accountability for their actions and bounce ideas off and brainstorm with to increase the chances of one’s next move being a real success.

  • Leadership Performance – working with YOU to improve your personal effectiveness and create an effective strategy to get “buy in” from your workforce.

  • Leadership Coaching -The 1st 3 months – As a leader how to make your role work for you early on and build trust, respect and credibility early on.

  • Career Resilience - Working on dusting oneself off and polishing oneself up in order to move forward having experienced difficulties or a negative job experience.

  • Redundancy – a need to hatch a new career plan going forward embracing employability.

  • Making a “dream career” move and planning for going back to what it is one “always wanted to do” but never got around to doing.

  • Returning to the workplace after a period of “Time Out”.

  • High-impact CV and Interview preparation – learn to be career smart.

  • Personal Branding in the Digital World – LinkedIN and your Cloud CV.



Why choose Clearview Coaching Group?


  • Our Reputation.

  • Referral by someone they know who was delighted with the service.

  • Our committed client centered approach.

  • Our market knowledge and strong focus on result and return on investment.

  • Having read Jane’s book it has inspired them to re-think their career.



Am I coachable and ready for coaching?


  • I am ready to take responsibility for the changes I need to make in my life.

  • I keep my word and do what I say I will do.

  • I am open to new concepts and to trying different ways of doing things.

  • I will say what I mean and be honest and truthful with the coach.

  • I am open to taking advice, suggestions and feedback from the coach on board.

  • I am willing to stop or change the self-defeating behaviours which limit my success.


What are the costs invloved for coaching?


We try to make our fees as reasonable as possible check out our services listing to get a feel for the costs involved. We also can tailor make some of our programmes to work to individual budgets. How do I get started?


Contact us on 01 6316000 or simply fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.


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