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A Time For Change

A few words from founder, Jane Downes, on welcoming Clearview's rebrand and how to change things up in your career:

This is a fascinating time to be a career coach. Between technology-driven change, new economic trends and the ‘long tail’ of the Covid pandemic, the very meaning of work has changed so we need to change too. So a big welcome to the Clearview blog, our new website and our Clearview re–brand!

With the meaning of work changing some of our amazing clients see a scarily unfamiliar and insecure landscape, others see new and exciting possibilities. Who’s right? Again and again, it comes down to two things: Self-Image and what we might call ‘World Picture’. There is no greater delight for a career coach than to challenge one or both of these with a client.

Self-Image covers all those beliefs you have about yourself. This is the ‘you’ you think you are bringing to the table as you propose to turbo-boost your career. Well, our job is to help you to an understanding of that ‘you’ that is both more realistic and more dynamic. Actually there’s no either/or here: a more dynamic view of yourself is a more realistic one. So let’s shake things up a bit and get excited together over a version of yourself you didn’t know you even had!

World Picture is basically how you understand the ways and workings of the world, and of the world of work in particular. So many people short change themselves in their career because they fail to see just how malleable the world of work can be if approached in a way that is savvy and strategic. They make assumptions that they probably made a long time ago and that they probably haven’t even recognised as just that: assumptions. Our job here is to say, ‘Hang on a second, it ain’t necessarily so…’ The power released in that moment where a client realises that a given assumption wasn’t sensibly realistic but unreasonably pessimistic can be truly game-changing.

So a big part of our job in the initial phase of a consultation can be to unpick what’s really going on. Only then can we tune them into the possibilities opened up by Restless Realism and offer real and practical help to our amazing clients to become their own careerists self- driving their own career.

We look forward to sharing all sorts of tips and thoughts and insights with you here. All with a view to helping you make work work—for you.

Jane Downes

Founder, Clearview Coaching Group

As part of our rebrand, we are offering 50% off your first session for the first 20 clients when you sign up to any coaching programme!


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